About My Shoebox Pictures

My Shoebox Pictures helps you to:

-Preserve your Memories and keep them for generations to come.

-Protect your Memories from Fire, Flood and other catastrophes.

-Turn your old photos and VHS movies into fun new DVD slideshows for events like:





-Holiday Gifts

Hosting a Scanning Party at your house with all your friends.

Providing onsite services for scanning corporate documents.

Copying old photographs before using them in Scrapbooks.

Scanning completed Scrapbooks to preserve them and easily share them with others via email or websites.

Order today before your old photos are just memories.

My Shoebox Pictures

5390 Indian Hill Rd

Dublin, OH 43017

Contact Us for your Photo Scanning Needs.  We scan photos, slides, and convert VHS to DVD.

Phone: 614-747-1358

Email: info@myshoeboxpictures.com

Starting at just $25.00

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It's EASY as 1, 2, 3.

1. Gather your Shoeboxes to scan.

2. Print the Order Form & Policies Page.

3. Ship everything to My Shoebox Pictures.

                    My Shoebox Pictures

                              5390 Indian Hill Rd

                              Dublin, OH 43017



1. Contact My Shoebox Pictures for a Value Box

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  Keeping your Memories,

     Protecting your Memories,

           Sharing your Memories,

for Tomorrows Generations.