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Dublin, OH 43017

Contact Us for your Photo Scanning Needs.  We scan photos, slides, and convert VHS to DVD.

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The My Shoebox Value Box


Contact My Shoebox Pictures

We do the rest:

-We will ship you a pre-paid box

-Insert your printed pictures (no slides or negatives)

-Drop the box in the Mail

-If your pictures fit in the box we scan them**

-Includes Color Correction

-Includes Image Rotation

-We ship it back to you no charge

-Done by RESERVATION ONLY  Drop off or Mail

-Valid in USA only

-Valid for 3 months from purchase date

-All other policies still apply

-Click here for Order form

Value $339.00

$275.00 per box pre-paid

**limit of 2,000 Photo Prints

**8.5x11 maximum print size

Box Size:

11" X 8.5" X 5.5"

Save an Additional 10%


  Keeping your Memories,

     Protecting your Memories,

           Sharing your Memories,

for Tomorrows Generations.