Only printed photos are accepted for our high speed scanning service. We can ONLY ACCEPT loose photos. Photos in albums, mounted photos, and photos that cannot bend, WILL ONLY  be processed as Non-Conforming Prints.  For Slides or Negatives please use the slide scanning order form.  For conversion of VHS tapes use the VHS to DVD order form.  All of these policies apply to all of our services.

All Packages Include:

Files from prints and slides will be saved as JPEG's in ONE folder and burned to a CD or DVD.  Files from DVD slideshows and VHS to DVD's will be in standard DVD format, viewable on most current DVD players.  Images will be scanned in the specific order they are received, Print Sizes 2"x 3" upto 8"x 10", Back scanning is an option, Base scans are 300 DPI Resolution. Total quantity billed is based on increments of 200, 500, and 1000.  Slides are billed per slide and VHS tapes are billed per tape.

To get your items ready, remove all photos from albums and clean any sticky glue or tape from the front and back of the print.  Make sure no staples, paper clips, post-it notes, etc are attached.  If you chose the option of Organized Folders, combine photos in groups and label them clearly.  Otherwise, stack your photos in the exact order you want them to be scanned. The largest acceptable size is 8x10 inches, the smallest size is 2" x 3".  Polaroid's are also the thickest photos we accept.  Photos that do not bend or are smaller than this will incur a $1.00 per image "non-conforming" fee.  Slides can remain in their carousels and tapes in their cases.

Make sure the image is facing image forward. If the image is facing backward the scan will be of the back of the print. Additionally, all photos must be scanned horizontally regardless of the printed image orientation (vertical or horizontal). If you wish to have your vertical images rotated, we do offer that as an additional service for the entire order.  If the Backside scanning option is chosen the backside of all images will be scanned.

Our Basic high speed low cost services are designed to digitally preserve your memories, but are not designed to exactly duplicate your originals. If you want an exact duplication of your items, please use the Duplication Quality Scan service on our order form in the a la Carte section.  (Duplication service is not available for VHS copying.)  Please note, due to the nature of any copying process, variances may occur in regards to color and/or contrast.  We strive to match the original and will apply color corrections, but cannot guarantee any results.

My Shoebox Pictures protects artist's work and will not duplicate or accept any copyrighted materials, unless you agree that your are the owner or have permission to reproduce the work.  When original items have a copyright symbol (©), it is your responsibility to obtain a Release Waiver signed by the creator and you must be able to produce the Release if requested. 

My Shoebox Pictures assumes no liability for loss or damage to originals.  Shipping insurance is available for loss or damage based on USPS policies

There is no refund for our digital conversion services and you understand and agree to these Policies and accept the Order as placed.

Please keep a copy of this and the completed order form for your records.


** Please Print this Form and Include with your Originals**

Policies and  Guidelines

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