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Thank you again for the wonderful job you did.  I am very excited about taking this surprise to my family!  I so appreciate all the time and effort you put into it, I LOVE the final product!!!

Olga L.


After the recent loss of my father, I decided to take on the task of organizing our family photos.  As with many families, you only have the one photo of Grandma and a few others that with age become dear to our hearts.  After reading an article in The Wall Street Journal, I knew there were companies who could scan my photos, but  I wanted someone who I could personally speak with.  I found My Shoebox Pictures, then I called.   From the first phone call this has been a most pleasant experience.  Jeff talked to me with an understanding of how important this was to me and he wanted to help in the preservation of the memories.  He has stayed in touch with me through the entire process and what a short one it was. The process went according to their explanation and is very reasonable.  I will definitely use them again for my next photo project and will highly recommend them to family and friends!

Lois G.


Thank you for helping us preserve our families memories, our children, their children, and their children's children will appreciate this.  These memories are now safe forever, and having the DVD slideshow is an easy way to view and remember our family history.


New York

My sister, husband and I had so much fun going through 40 years of photos and having them made into a DVD for my son's 40th birthday.  The family all gathered together and relived was a very special time for all
of us.



What fun!  The DVD we made of Tony's photos, birth to today, was such a HIT!  The music really made the viewing a treat and everyone had huge smiles on their faces.  Even little Ben, who often thought he was looking at himself, began to understand that his Dad had a history and I think he's getting the idea that he will too.  Thanks so much for the all the work you put into this wonderful gift.   

Barbara S.


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I had a dream that all my photos that I had would just pick themselves up and get copied. My dream came true with the help of "My Shoebox Pictures".  These pictures were slides that  were some 50 years old and I wondered if it was possible to handle them properly. I am so pleased to say that all the slides came out just fine and I now have a wonderful digital library.   It was so easy to organize and I now have the ability to send  these pictures over the internet. WOW!!!!
My many thanks to "
My Shoebox Pictures" for  their wonderful process and support.

Owen B.


The slides and CDs arrived today. Thanks so much. These are pictures of family and friends from the 1950's. The slides were relatively inaccessible. I had to borrow a slide viewer to pick the ones I wanted. Now I can look at them any time I want, and share them with people who treasure these precious, captured moments as much as I do.

Lauren K.


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